Terms & Conditions

Mustang Rental Terms & Conditions


Drivers must be at least 25 years old to rent our Mustangs, and 30 years old for special models.

Upon vehicle pickup, both the primary and any additional drivers must present a valid driver’s license in their name.

Extra drivers can be added on site for free. Pre-booking for additional drivers is not necessary.
All drivers should have a driver’s license that has been valid for a minimum of 5 years.

A valid passport or ID card is mandatory for the rental process.

Deposit for all Mustang cabrio models is 500€, and 1000€ for special models.


Vehicles should be returned with the same fuel level as when they were received. All cars must be filled with petrol, octane 95


Reservation requests will be confirmed as soon as we receive it, via email or WhatsApp on client’s number.


Renters are liable for all fines related to speeding, parking, and other traffic infractions, as well as any administrative costs associated with these fines.

Loss or damage to the car keys will be charged at full replacement cost.
Extra cleaning fees will apply for heavily soiled vehicles. If the vehicle requires more than standard cleaning or if the cabin (including child seats) needs cleaning, you will be charged for the additional effort required to restore the vehicle to its original condition.


The price is determined by the pickup and drop off date and time agreed upon prior to the rental. If you choose to pick up or return the car outside of the agreed period, no refunds will be made for unused time.

Every extra hour out of drop off time will be charged with 12€ per hour.

Child seats or booster don’t have any additional cost.

Please note that during peak seasons, daily prices may change. In such cases, we will inform the customer about the exact price before confirming the reservation.


We provide 24-hour emergency assistance to all our customers. The contact number is included in the rental agreement form.


Renters receive the Mustang in clean and good working condition.
The vehicle must not be used for commercial purposes, animal transportation, lent to persons not listed in the contract, driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or certain medications, overloaded, or used to tow other vehicles.

The Mustang will be checked at the return moment. In case there are something wrong, it will be notified to the renter at the moment, claiming for the damage reparation.